The objectives for this Action focus on creating a platform from which a working environment is developed that generates methods to further the integration of STS in buildings. To ensure the success of the Action the following objectives are set:

  • Development of new novel STS solutions suitable for building integration across the three generic European regions considered.
    • The developed STS will be based on both market available systems (which will be modified for building integration) and new innovative systems. The collective expertise of the Action consortium in STS development will be utilised.
    • Structural/material developments relating to the thermal resistance of the building element, integrity of the element to the weather impact and fire and noise protection will be reviewed.
  • Definition of a set of key parameters for the BISTS characterization, taking into consideration the thermal performance, building functionality and aesthetic aspects.
  • Development of standardised range of methodologies for evaluating BISTS. Comparison of fa├žade and roof integration for different climates and applications (heating, cooling and domestic hot water).
  • Modelling and simulation of STS including optical and thermal modelling for different building integration scenarios and new models of the developed solutions.
  • Application of developed STS solutions for building integration including fabrication, characterisation and demonstration of prototypes.
  • Dissemination of Action activities and findings in website and various publications. Booklets will be published as part of this Action and will be disseminated in training schools. The findings will also be presented in conference and journal publications, where applicable and a handbook will be written giving details of all possible solutions